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Spotted Lanternfly Nymphs: Be On The Lookout!

While there are a lot of striking and newsworthy insects active across the country right now, from 17-year cicadas to Asian giant hornet, there is one important pest you should be on the lookout for the spotted lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula, “SLF”), an emerging invasive insect of concern in the Northeast. SLF has over 70 host plants, […]

Spotted lanternfly eggs are hatching in Pennsylvania!

On Tuesday, April 21st, the first Spotted Lanternfly nymphs (SLF) began to emerge in southern Pennsylvania. SLF is a highly destructive pest of grape vines, apple trees, and other plants. The first instar, or life stage, of SLF nymph is small and black, with white dots on its upper abdomen. These nymphs are tiny but are […]