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ALB Lookalikes

Massachusetts is home to many insects that could be confused with the invasive Asian longhorned beetle, including several native longhorned beetle species. See if you can recognize the Asian longhorned beetles in the image below (click on the image to view it large):

The “Find the Asian Longhorned Beetle!” quiz is available as a high-resolution print. Use it as a single sheet, or cut out the individual squares to use for group identification activities. The answers to the quiz can be found here.

Some of the images above are actual photos sent in by Massachusetts citizens concerned that they had spotted ALB. We are grateful to the following people for allowing their photos to be used in this project: Todd Pearson, smcann, Greg Shuler, Ralph Hebert, Natasha Wright and Troy Bartlett. If you think you have seen Asian longhorned beetle, you can report it here.

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