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MDAR Pest Alert Newsletter: October 2022

The image has four photos. They are next to each other and are bars that make up the larger picture. The first photo shows a stack of firewood in a round container in front of a fireplace. The second photo shows a spotted lanternfly sitting on a leaf. The third photo is a boxelder bug nymph sitting on a leaf. It has a photo credit to Jim Nelson, flickr at the bottom. The fourth photo shows leafy vines covering a field and some trees in the field. It has a photo credit to Kerry Birtton, USDA at the bottom.

This is the October 2022 edition of the Mass. Pest Alert newsletter, brought to you by the Massachusetts Dept. of Agricultural Resources. Here are the top 4 things to keep an eye out for this month:

  • Firewood: October is Firewood Month! Want to avoid spreading invasive pests in firewood, but don’t know what the rules are where you’re traveling or where you live? Check out the Firewood Map to learn more.
  • SLF1: Register now for our November Spotted Lanternfly Webinar! CEU credits available!
  • SLF2: Boxelder bugs are actively looking for places to shelter for the winter, and are commonly confused with spotted lanternfly. Learn to tell the difference in this blog post.
  • Kudzu: Did you know that there are several populations of this fast-growing invasive vine in Massachusetts? Check out the new kudzu map on our Pest Dashboard to see where they are.

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