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New Materials are Here!

Just in time for summer, we have a new batch of outreach materials to help remind everyone about Asian longhorned beetle (ALB)! First, we have reprinted our popular post-it notepads, now with an updated design.  Each pad has a link to our ALB website as a reminder of where to get more information about this pest and where to report any ALB sightings.

We also have a limited supply of our new vinyl ALB stickers, designed with outdoor use and longevity in mind. These would look great on hard hats, travel mugs, laptops, and more!

In case you’ve heard about spotted lanternfly (a hot topic this year) and would like to spread awareness about it, we have also restocked our spotted lanternfly ID cards.  These cards are sized to fit in a picket or wallet and are hard enough to scrape any spotted lanternfly egg cases off of surfaces.

All these materials, as well as the rest of our outreach materials, can be ordered free of charge here.

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