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Up Close and Personal With Emerald Ash Borer

Are you in or near a town impacted by the invasive wood-boring pest known as the Emerald Ash Borer? Foresters from the Mass. Dept. of Conservation and Recreation will be holding two in-field trainings this May in order to teach people how to recognize this ash-killing pest. Each session will cover the following:

  • How to identify Emerald Ash Borer tree damage
  • How to hang traps to monitor for EAB
  • How to girdle a tree in order to perform monitoring and Emerald Ash Borer population control
  • How to perform a pesticide tree injection

If you are a municipal worker, land trust staff, or green industry professional potentially impacted by Emerald Ash Borer, and are interested in attending, contact us to sign up for one of the following sessions:

  • Thursday, May 3rd at 10 am in Shirley, MA
  • Tuesday, May 8th at 10 am in North Andover, MA

To register or get more information, please contact Javier Marin, Forest Pest Outreach Coordinator at or 617 626-1738.

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