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Massachusetts Day and September Outreach Recap

As usual, September was one of our busiest outreach seasons!  The annual Big E event was the highlight of the month and maybe the year, and provided an excellent opportunity to reach a wide audience and educate them about Asian longhorned beetle and other invasive insects.

We were excited to attend Massachusetts Day at the Big E again this year, where we reached out to school groups on field trips and people from all over New England. We had a constant flow of visitors to our booth outside the Massachusetts building, where we answered questions about invasive insects, and heard concerns from property owners about the health and safety of their trees.  The ALB costume and the new ALB faceboard showed up too and proved to be very popular! We also had plenty of materials and information at the MDAR booth inside the building, including our new and popular ALB erasers.

Other events we attended this September included Worcester’s StART on the Street and the New England Public Works Expo. These events catered to very different audiences but were both very successful. Whether it was families out to enjoy a day of good weather and local art or public works officials such as tree wardens, we were able to answer a lot of questions and give out hundreds of items (the most popular item? Our custom-designed buttons and magnets!)

We attended a new event this year, Hey Day at the Wachusett Meadow Wildlife Sanctuary. Surrounded by protected former farmland, tractor rides, and live music, we were able to reach out to a new audience just outside the ALB regulated area.  While many of the visitors who stopped by our table had already heard of ALB, for many others it was a new learning experience!

Our forest pest outreach program also participated in Mass Audubon’s 13th annual Rockin’ with Raptors event at the Boston Nature Center. There we distributed forest pest outreach materials like buttons, stickers and beetle antenna headbands as attendees met and learned about the various predatory birds of New England.

Did you see us at any of our September events? If you missed us and would like to receive any outreach materials, you can order them at

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