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Hey, that’s not ALB! The Brown Prionid

Submitted by an intrepid Massachusetts resident, and used with permission

Lately we have been receiving reports through our Asian longhorned beetle reporting system of another Asian longhorned beetle (ALB) lookalike, the brown prionid (Orthosoma brunneum). Though it is also a species of longhorned beetle, the brown prionid is a native species, and can be distinguished by its overall brown color and its lack of patterns on the wings or antennae. Prionids lay their eggs in rotting wood for the larva to eventually feed on, whereas adult ALB feed on tree leaves and lay their eggs on still-living trees. Prionids also make distinct squeaking sounds as a form of defense, so if the longhorned beetle you find is brown and making a squeaking noise, it’s not ALB.

Any suspicious insects or tree damage, even if you are uncertain about what it is, should be reported through our website.

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