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ALB is Active!

It’s July, which means adult Asian Longhorned Beetle (“ALB”) (Anaplophora glabripennis) have emerged from their trees and are now active! Adult ALBs can be identified by the speckled patterns on their shiny wings and their long black-and-white banded antennae.

Adults will be active from now through November, or whenever the first hard frost hits, so keep your eye out for these beetles until then!

Be on the lookout for broadnecked root borers (Prionus laticollis), an ALB lookalike also active this time of year. It can be distinguished from ALB from the lack of spots on its dark back and shorter, plain black antennae. They also have a wider body shape than ALB, whose bodies are more elongated. Root borers are considered a pest but are native species. They are typically found on the ground, where they feed on roots, in contrast to adult ALB which feed on tree leaves.

If you see an Asian longhorned beetle or an insect you think is ALB, or find suspicious damage on a tree, send photos and descriptions to

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