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Meet the BeetleBot!

What looks like an Asian Longhorned Beetle, but doesn’t threaten our trees and natural resources?  The BeetleBot!

This terrifying machination resembles the invasive insect currently located in central Massachusetts. The real beetle targets hardwood trees, especially maples, but this robotic replica’s only goal is to educate and entertain. It was featured at the It’s A Bug’s World expo, held this year in Newport, RI. Tree surveyors from USDA and DCR, who inspect host trees in the Worcester area for signs of damage, showcased the BeetleBot to raise awareness of the invasive insect, to the delight of families that attended the show. Over 500 visitors came to see the BeetleBot and learn about ALB, see the live insects on display, and talk to experts in the field of entomology.

Guests admire the BeetleBot on display

Now that the show has ended, BeetleBot has moved to its permanent home at the EcoTarium in Worcester, MA, where it is being used in public education programs. It might also make an appearance at the Ecotarium’s Earth Day festivities.

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