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Calling All 5th Grade Arborists and Artists!

The 2016 contest’s winning entry, with the theme Trees Grow With Us and For Us

Are you a 5th grade teacher or a 5th grade student with a passion for art or nature?  Then we have the perfect opportunity for you!  The Department of Conservation and Recreation has announced its 2017 Arbor Day Poster Contest, a chance to win cool prizes for your school by showing off your artistic talent and knowledge of the diverse trees of Massachusetts!

This year’s theme is “Trees are Terrific…from Berkshires to Bay!” and is open to all fifth grade students in Massachusetts, including homeschoolers. If your students are interested in entering, we encourage them to research Massachusetts ecosystems, the trees that thrive there, their specific characteristics, and how they impact your daily lives.  Tree diversity is important for a successful ecosystem, especially in the face of invasive forest pests such as Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB) ( and Emerald Ash Borer (

This is a great opportunity to promote your school and your message about biodiversity and forestry here in the Bay State. One of your students may even win prizes, including art supplies or a tree on your school property!

We would be especially interested in posters that discuss ALB or other forest pests and the trees they target as preferred hosts; many native trees iconic to the Massachusetts landscape are targets of invasive pests.  We are not involved in judging posters, but posters that discuss invasive pests, even if they are not finalists, may be displayed here to promote our message of pest awareness!  We’ll even display winning entries here on our blog!

The deadline for submission is March 15th 2017, with winners announced in April. Only one poster may be submitted per school.  Please be sure to follow all instructions when submitting a poster.  A full list of rules can be found here.

Good luck, and have fun researching the wide diversity of trees here in Massachusetts!

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