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The Broadnecked Root Borer: Not to be Confused with ALB

In addition to the eyed click beetle and the whitespotted sawyer beetle, another insect commonly mistaken for the Asian longhorned beetle (“ALB”) is the broadnecked root borer (Prionus laticollis). The broadnecked root borer is a black or reddish brown beetle, up to one and a half inches long, whose appearance differs from ALB in that […]

ALB Train-the-Trainer Sessions

Update: New session on 8/26 at 8:30am just added! The 8/11 Boston session is now full! Email jennifer.forman-orth AT to be notified of future sessions. The Asian Longhorned Beetle Outreach and Survey Project is looking for volunteers to receive training about ALB and other forest pests. Register now for an Asian Longhorned Beetle “Train […]

Pathogen Alert: Late Blight of Potato and Tomato

Late blight, a destructive disease caused by Phytophthora infestans, is a pathogen of tomato and potato plants that has recently been found in several states in the Northeast, including Maine, New York and Pennsylvania. The late blight has been identified on tomato transplants sold in big box stores and other garden centers under the brand […]