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Archive for May, 2009

Whitespotted sawyer beetles out and about

Over the past week or so, biologists across Massachusetts and other New England states have reported seeing whitespotted sawyer beetles, the beetle most often confused with Asian longhorned beetle (ALB). The whitespotted sawyer (Monochamus scutellatus), a native beetle that attacks diseased and damaged pine trees, emerges from trees earlier in the season than ALB, which […]

Winter moth caterpillars

If you’ve noticed an onslaught of little green caterpillars devouring the leaves on your trees, you are not alone – winter moth caterpillar season has kicked into high gear. We are receiving many reports from our report-a-pest form of this pest attacking trees, particularly in the eastern and southeastern part of the state. Many of […]

Now Hiring: ALB Outreach/Survey Technician

The Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources is hiring a Contracted Seasonal Employee for the position of ALB Outreach/Survey Technician. The ideal job candidate will have excellent communication skills, a background in biology, and a drive to educate the entire state about the Asian longhorned beetle. For details, click here. Deadline to apply is May 25, […]

Getting the Landscape Message

Now that spring has sprung, UMass Extension is back with their biweekly edition of The Landscape Message, a discussion of what’s growing, what pests are around, and what you should be doing to keep your garden or yard looking great. The Landscape Message divides Massachusetts up into 8 different regions so you can get specific […]

Asian longhorned beetle Newsletter

Issues 6 and 7 of the ALB Newsletter are now available online. To subscribe to the newsletter, click here.

Updated Invasive Plant Pages

The Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources has recently updated the invasive plant pages on its website. Now that the “phase out” period has ended, the Prohibited Plant list has been simplified. You can also now view the list sorted by common or scientific name. If you would prefer a print version of this list, you […]