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  • Storm Emergency Update (12/12/2008):

    Due to the significant amount of tree damage occuring right now, the USDA will keep the Ararat Street Disposal Site open from 8 am to 8 pm through Sunday December 14, 2008. All commercial contractors and municipal departments will have access. Requirements for vehicle decals and quarantine certificates are temporarily suspended for this weekend only. To mitigate the risk of artificial spread of the ALB infestation all wood regardless of species that cannot be chipped will be accepted at this site. Contractors and Municipalities are advised to continue chipping as much material as possible.

    Additionally, the disposal site will remain open next week Monday through Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm. ALB Regulatory Compliance Program protocols will resume Monday December 15, 2008 at 8 am. Additional compliance training sessions will be held starting Monday morning to facilitate clean up efforts by companies not currently certified to work in the regulated area. Companies may call 508-799-8327 for information.

    Residents should hire a landscape or tree company to dispose of large limbs or to bring wood to the Ararat Street Disposal Site. Residents should make use of normal yard waste drop off locations for brush and small branches. Tree damage to a confirmed infested tree that has been marked by program officials with a red dot should be reported to the ALB Program office at (508) 799-8330.

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