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For Parents

As a parent what do you need to know about School IPM ?

If you have a child in:
  • a public or private school,
  • or in a licensed daycare center,
  • or in a school age child care program,
you must receive a notification whenever a pesticide application is made outdoors on the school property.

The Children's and Families' Protection Act also requires schools/ licensed daycares and school age child care programs to develop Integrated Pest Management plans and submit them to the Department of Agricultural Resources. Find out if your child's school has submitted their IPM plan, and view the plan, under the "Locate a Plan" link on the sidebar or below. If your child's school or daycare center is not listed, check with the administrator to see why. It is possible that they are out of compliance with the law.

Learn about other requirements, such as when the school/ daycare center/ school age child care program is required to notify you when pesticide applications are being made.

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Locate Your Child's School IPM Plan
Schools, daycare centers and school age child care programs are required to submit their IPM plans to the Department of Agricultural Resources. See if your school has complied with the law…

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