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IPM Tools & Resources
IPM is a systemic strategy of managing pests which considers prevention, avoidance, monitoring and suppression. Where chemical pesticides are necessary, a preference must be given to methods which pose the lowest possible safety and environmental risk.

IPM has been used in agriculture successfully for years to manage pest situations. IPM in community settings simply refers to the use of this common sense approach on various non-agricultural pests.

The use of IPM in the school environment is a growing trend in the United States and has proven to be a practical and cost- effective management strategy. By November of 2001 all Massachusetts schools were required to have a written IPM Plan (see Children and Families Protection Act).

Tools and Resources on This Site
List of Chemicals Not Allowed on School Property
User Guide for Applicators and Administrators
Frequently Asked Questions About the Child Protection Act
Homeowner's Guide to Environmentally Sound Lawncare
Integrated Pest Management Kit for Building Managers (requires PDF viewer)
IPM Plan Template
IPM Education & Forms
What is IPM?

EPA Office of Pesticides Programs
IPM Workbook for NY State Schools (requires PDF viewer)
Wisconsin's School Integrated Pest Management Manual
School IPM Resources from IFAS
IPM Institute of North America
National Pesticide Information Center
IPM Success Stories
Bio-Integral Resource Center (BIRC)
UMass Agriculture and Landscape Program
Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources
UMass Turf Program
UMass Landscape Nursery and Urban Forestry
UMass Pesticide Education Program
Harvard University's Guide to New England Household Pests