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25b Minimum Risk Pesticides
On the Indoor property of schools, daycare centers and school age childcare programs, The Massachusetts Pesticide Control Act allows the use of certain pesticide products which are referred to as "minimum risk 25b products". These 25b products are exempted from the standard pesticide registration process (and therefore carry no EPA Registration number under 40 CFR 152.25).

Note: Additional information about this list is available in PR Notice 2000-6 [PDF].

40 CFR ' 152.25(f) Minimum risk pesticides--
(1) Exempted products
Products containing the following active ingredients are exempt from the requirements of FIFRA, alone or in combination with other substances listed in this paragraph, provided that all of the criteria of this section are met.
    Castor oil (U.S.P. or equivalent)
    Cedar oil
    Cinnamon and cinnamon oil
    Citric acid
    Citronella and Citronella oil
    Cloves and clove oil
    Corn gluten meal
    Corn oil
    Cottonseed oil
    Dried Blood
    Garlic and garlic oil
    Geranium oil
    Lauryl sulfate
    Lemongrass oil
    Linseed oil
    Malic acid
    Mint and mint oil
    Peppermint and peppermint oil
    2-Phenethyl propionate (2-phenylethyl propionate)
    Potassium sorbate
    Putrescent whole egg solids
    Rosemary and rosemary oil
    Sesame (includes ground sesame plant) and sesame oil
    Sodium chloride (common salt)
    Sodium lauryl sulfate
    Soybean oil
    Thyme and thyme oil
    White pepper
    Zinc metal strips (consisting solely of zinc metal and impurities)

(2) Permitted inerts
A pesticide product exempt under paragraph (g)(1) of this section may only include inert ingredients listed in the most current List 4A. This list is updated periodically and is published in the Federal Register. The most current list may be obtained by writing to:
    Registration Support Branch (4A Inerts List)
    Registration Division (7505C)
    Office of Pesticide Programs
    Environmental Protection Agency
    1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, D.C. 20460

(3) Other conditions of exemption
All of the following conditions must be met for products to be exempted under this section:
  1. Each product containing the substance must bear a label identifying the name and percentage (by weight) of each active ingredient and the name of each inert ingredient.
  2. The product must not bear claims either to control or mitigate microorganisms that pose a threat to human health, including but not limited to disease transmitting bacteria or viruses, or claims to control insects or rodents carrying specific diseases, including, but not limited to ticks that carry Lyme disease.
  3. The product must not include any false and misleading labeling statements, including those listed in 40 CFR 156.10(a)(5)(i) through (viii).

Duplicated from EPA's Biopesticide Regulation Tools.