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Interactive School IPM Site Now Online

Since 2001, schools and daycare centers have been required by law to develop Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plans and submit them to the Department of Agricultural Resources (DAR). To date, overall compliance with the law has been weak with only half of the schools in the state submitting plans to DAR. To both encourage and help schools develop and submit IPM plans, DAR has developed a new interactive School IPM website at

The site provides information for parents, schools and pesticide applicators about IPM and features an interactive IPM plan development tool. This tool assists schools to develop their IPM plans and submit them to DAR electronically. Once submitted, the plans are viewable online. The site will help pesticide applicators, school staff, parents and the general public establish if their local schools, or schools which have requested pest control services, are in compliance with the state’s IPM law. Applicators must ensure that the school or daycare center is in compliance with the law prior to undertaking any work.

IPM is a pest control strategy that focuses on preventing pest problems by eliminating conditions - such as food, access, water, and shelter - which are favorable to the development of pests. The strategy uses a combination of pest controls such as monitoring, increased sanitation, physical barriers, natural pest enemies and pesticides. The IPM plan centralizes all of the information about a school’s pest management practices, including any pest problems, pest control methods that will be used to manage pests, the names of pesticide applicators and lists any pesticides used.

For more information about the school IPM law, contact the following DAR staff members:

Compliance and enforcement of the Children and Families' Protection Act
Call Enforcement Section at 617-626-1781.

Pest problems and IPM
Call Mark Buffone at 617-626-1777. email

School compliance and help on completing your IPM plan
Call Trevor Battle 617-626-1775 email:

Pesticide health effects
Call Steve Antunes Kenyon at 617-626-1784 email: