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Fall Brook Elementary Students Write Book About Invasive Species

Students at Fall Brook Elementary in Leominster, MA have written an ABC book about invasive species titled, “Aliens Have Landed: Exotic Invasive Species of New England”. The book details exotic pests from the Asian longhorned beetle to the zebra mussel.

The students, now in the sixth grade, created the book last year in their science class as part of a Community Service Learning Project focusing on educating students and community members about invasive species.

Each page of the book, designed for grades 1-3, was written by a different student and describes the damage to the environment caused by non-native pests. One student wrote about the Asian longhorned beetle, “You wouldn’t want to find one of these climbing up your hardwood trees!” Another wrote about invasive species in general, “Spread the word about these dreaded invaders!” The entries in the book are accompanied by inventive and colorful drawings.

Teacher Lynn Fiandaca said the students “loved everything about the project” and became experts on the invasive species they studied. She said she was “impressed with their dedication to learning and sharing information with the community. They really did develop a sense of stewardship and commitment to keep our local ecosystem healthy and diverse.”

To help get the word out about invasive species, Ms. Fiandaca and her class have generously allowed us to share a digital copy of “Aliens Have Landed” for anyone to view and print out. Perhaps it will inspire other groups of children to create their own guides.

The Massachusetts Introduced Pests Outreach Project (MIPOP), created by the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources, often sends teachers information about invasive species, including flyers, posters and DVDs. Staff from MIPOP also visit schools in MA to give talks to students about the Asian longhorned beetle and other invaders. Teachers interested in ordering outreach materials or scheduling talks can contact jennifer.forman-orth (AT)

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  • 1 Anonymous yazmış:

    These children did a phenomenal job in relaying the information they learned to others. They were excited to share and so totally involved in the project. Kudos to Mrs. Fiandaca for her contagious enthusiasm.

  • 2 Anonymous yazmış:

    Wow that's my picture and writing!!
    Our project was some hard work that is now making a huge difference! Great job Mrs. Fiandaca!

  • 3 Lynda yazmış:

    The children worked hard on this project as a team with the best leader in education. Mrs. Fiandaca's excitement & enthusiasm are contagious. Local author, Jerry Pallotta, visited Fall Brook in June & stated,"I wish I had thought of this idea for a book." He was truly impressed & gracious to the students for sharing their project with him.

  • 4 Mary Jo yazmış:

    Please let me know how I might purchase a copy. I would love to share this with others. Thanks.

  • 5 Jennifer Forman Orth yazmış:

    Mary Jo, we are working to get a copy online, it will be a free download. Check back here soon!